Yes! Each party attendee will receive a high bounce hand ball to take home. (Colours will vary) 

We recommend that Dynamic Sports Parties are best suited for kids aged 6 to 13 to deliver the best experience for the children. Please note that the limit per court/umpire is reduced to 16 when the children are aged below 8 years old.

While we don’t a minimum number of children for each party, due to the nature of the activities being game based, a party with at least 10-16 children is recommended.

For umpired parties, our maximum for each court is 16 children aged up to 8 years old, and 20 children aged 8 years old and over

We charge for facility hire and umpires based on above or below 16/20 children based on their age, not per child. 

We allocate a maximum of 20 children per court. Parties with over 20 attendees will be required to book a second court. The total maximum number of attendees on the courts is 40.

The activities can vary depending on your child’s preference, but we generally offer indoor cricket, Aussie rules football, soccer and mix ball games (e.g. run the gauntlet and dodgeball).

Our parties run for two hours, and will usually go in the following format:

  • Party Start time: Introduction – Free time
  • Activity 1 – 20-30mins on the court
  • 10 mins off the court for drinks
  • Activity 2 – 20-30mins on the court
  • 15 mins off the court for food/drinks
  • Activity 3 – 20 mins on the court
  • Last 10 mins for cake and goodbyes

You are welcome to view the party area during business hours at The Cricket Hub, 10 Kingston View Drive, Kingston.

Party Area June 2021

Our party area has trestle tables with tablecloths, chairs, a Bluetooth speaker, a bar fridge, pie warmer and 8.8L urn (BYO cups and tea/coffee supplies).

With prior notice, an ice cream freezer is available for use near the kiosk in the centre.

Please note that food must be defrosted before being placed into the pie warmer.

You are most welcome to decorate the space for your party, but we do ask that you remove all decorations at the end of the party. Please bring any tape or blue tac required to hang the decorations.

You are welcome to bring your own music, and a Bluetooth speaker is available for use in the party area. The speaker is connected to our own iPad, and we use Spotify to play the music. You are welcome to choose your own music or go with our preselected party playlist.

The centre cannot be exclusively booked for parties. In addition to the two courts available, there is a bowling lane and a retail shop located within the facility, and so patrons may visit the centre during the time that your party is booked. If you have booked one court, please be advised that it is possible that the other court may be in use at the same time as your party. However, you will have exclusive use of the party area during your booked time.

We do not offer any catering, cakes or party bags, or dinnerware, cutlery or serve ware. You are welcome to bring your own cake and food, and we offer a pie warmer, freezer and fridge for guests to use. Please let us know ahead of time if you will require the use of any of these appliances.

We do ask party hosts to be mindful of all our visitors at The Cricket Hub and ask that you do not bring in any food that contains nuts.

No, our licensing does not allow for this. Please do not bring alcohol on to the premises. Also, alcoholic beverages are not available for purchase from the kiosk during children’s birthday parties.

Additional activities can be brought in, however these should be verified with The Cricket Hub management team prior to confirmation.

Party invitations can be downloaded HERE, and are available to collect from The Cricket Hub, 10 Kingston View Drive, Kingston.

Your umpire will keep the kids entertained on the day and organise the activities. Please note that the umpire is there to run the games inside the court. They are not responsible for keeping children in line, enforcing participation, or managing children outside of the court. We ask that are least one parent, guardian, or carer is present to supervise the children and serve food and drinks.

Our parties are priced depending on the number of courts required and whether an optional umpire is booked. Activities can be self-run, or our umpire can run them for you.

In general, each court and umpire can cater for up to 20 children, so up to 20 children will be booked into one court and require one umpire, and over 20 children will require two courts and require two umpires. We charge for facility hire and umpires based on above or below 20 children, not per child.

PLEASE NOTE: the limit per court/umpire is reduced to 16 when the children are aged below 8 years old. 

A non-refundable $50 deposit is due at least two weeks before the party, and the final balance is to be paid before the end of the party.


Up to 20 Children/1 Court

21-40 Children /2 Courts

No Umpire



With Umpire(s)



Parties can be booked for any day, subject to availability around the indoor cricket rosters and coaching. In general, weekend parties are booked during three time slots:




You can Book Your Party Online, email, call The Cricket Hub on 03 6229 7863 or drop by the centre at 10 Kingston View Drive, Kingston. 

Online booking is available for weekend parties, please contact us to enquire about booking a party on a weekday. 

One of our staff will contact you within a week before the party to confirm the final number of guests attending, the activities to be played on the day, appliances required (e.g. freezer, pie warmer, hot water urn) and the amount due.

We ask that you collect contact information from your guests in the event that the parents of your guests need to be contacted. This should be brought with you on the day of your event.

We staff and plan according to the booking information. Should additional guests arrive which are not planned for this will negatively impact the party. We cannot guarantee there will be space available but will do our best to accommodate your party. Please note that if the attendee numbers go above 20, an additional court will need to be booked if it is available.

We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your start time: this will help with organising decorations, food etc., and ensure that your party begins on time and that none of the guests miss out on any of the fun.

A parent, guardian or carer must remain with the party to supervise the children and act as a contact for our umpire. We recommend that carers are present for the duration of your party. The booking parent/supervisor is responsible for retaining a contact list for each child in case of emergency.

We ask that you complete all clean up in the 15 minutes following your party so that it is ready for the next booking.

If the total has been paid and we have received 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, we will refund you the total minus the non-refundable $50 deposit.

We LOVE feedback! Please call us on 03 6229 7863 or email with feedback or suggestions for our party area or staff.

We’d love any sharable (parent approved) photos of your special day to share on our socials!

Facebook: @dynamicballsportsactivityparties

Instagram: dynamicballsportsparties